Claire Remacle, Pierre Cardol
Characterisation of mitochondrial respiratory-chain components in Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Respiratory chain in Chlamydomonas comprises four major complexes that transfer electrons from NADH and succinate to molecular oxygen, at least one alternative oxidase and several NAD(P)H dehydrogenases.…
Molecular Biology and Plant Biotechnology
Jacques Dommes
The research activities of the unit of Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology can be grouped into four main axes: Induced systemic resistance (ISR) ISR is stimulated in plants by soil bacteria belonging to PGPR (Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria). This resistance is effective against a broad…
Functional Genomics and Plant Molecular Imaging
Patrick Motte, Marc Hanikenne
Control of gene expression in photosynthetic organisms: functional study of SR splicing factors and their role in the alternative splicing process  The regulation of gene expression is a fundamental process in all living beings. In higher eukaryotes, transcription of DNA leads to the synthesis of…
Eukaryotic Phylogenomics
Denis Baurain
The unit of Eukaryotic Phylogenomics focuses on the reconstruction of evolutionary relationships between living beings based on complete genomes and transcriptomic data obtained by next-generation sequencing. Our main research topic concerns the origin and evolution of respiration and…
Plant Physiology
Claire Périlleux, Pierre Tocquin
The Laboratory of Plant Physiology of the University of Liège has a long expertise in the study of the flowering process. By an integration of physiological and molecular approaches, the aim of the research is to understand the mechanisms of floral transition at the whole plant level, including…
Fabrice Franck
Bioenergetics is the science that deals with energy conversion processes by living cells. Photosynthesis, which converts light energy to chemical energy, is the main focus of the Bioenergetics Laboratory of the University of Liège. This includes fundamental and applied aspects of this process. The…
Systems Biology
Patrick Meyer
The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (BioSys) Unit, created in 2014 by Prof. Patrick E. Meyer, is a research group from the Faculty of Sciences of the Université de Liège (ULg, Belgium). The unit develops computational and statistical tools in order to uncover large-scale circuitry of…