9 Conviron PGV36:
(usable surface : 3,3 m2) = 29,7 m2

3 Conviron PGB72:
(usable surface : 5,4 m2) = 16,2 m2

2 Conviron E15:
(usable surface : 1 m2) = 2 m2

Total usable surface : 48 m2

Technical features :

The phytotrons allow the regulation of the photoperiod (day/night), the light intensity (max. 600 μmol m-2 s-1), the relative atmospheric humidity (from 50% to 85% ± 3%) and the temperature (from +4°C to +45°C (± 0.5 °C) lights off, from +10°C to +45°C (± 0.5 °C) lights on). three of them are equipped with a system for the regulation of CO2 concentration in the atmosphere (enrichment only).

Actual management system

Phytotrons are managed by the Plant Physiology lab and are maintained by the Cofedy society. The Plant Physiology lab also managed the space allocation in the chambers and the buying of everyday material. All the costs are supported on the users.