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TAIR: AT2G23380


Goodrich J et al., 1997, Nature
Kim G T et al., 1998, Planta
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Time-course regulation of photoperiodic pathway
Mains targets of ABC(E)genes
FLC regulation through protein complexes
General processes & autonomous pathway

Protein function

Encodes a polycomb group (PcG) protein required for the repression of AG and AP3.


clf single mutant also displays leaf morphology defects. CLF is required for the stable repression of AG and AP3 expression. [Goodrich et al., 1997]

Single mutant:
clf single mutant is early flowering under both SD and LD conditions. ( The early flowering phenotype is stronger under SD than LD conditions.) [Goodrich et al., 1997]

Polycomb group (PcG) protein. Catalytic subunit of some PcG multiprotein complex, which methylates Lys-27 of histone H3, leading to transcriptional repression of the affected target genes. Required to regulate floral development by repressing the AGAMOUS homeotic gene in leaves, influorescence stems and flowers. Regulates the antero-posterior organization of the endosperm, as well as the division and elongation rates of leaf cells. PcG proteins act by forming multiprotein complexes, which are required to maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of homeotic genes throughout development. PcG proteins are not required to initiate repression, but to maintain it during later stages of development. [Data from UniProt]

Regulators, targets and interactors

Downstream actors

FT -- [Jiang et al., 2008][Lopez-Vernaza et al., 2012] -- [View TAIR record]

SEP3 -- [Jiang et al., 2008][Lopez-Vernaza et al., 2012] -- [View TAIR record]

AG -- [Goodrich et al., 1997][Kinoshita et al., 2001][Calonje et al., 2008][Chen et al., 1997][Jiang et al., 2008][Lopez-Vernaza et al., 2012][Hennig et al., 2003] -- [View TAIR record]

FLC, AGL25, FLF -- [Jiang et al., 2008][Lopez-Vernaza et al., 2012] -- [View TAIR record]

AGL19 -- [Schönrock et al., 2006] -- [View TAIR record]

Upstream actors

Protein-protein interactions

FIS2, FIE2 -- [Chanvivattana et al., 2004] -- [View TAIR record]

VRN2 -- [Wood et al., 2006][Chanvivattana et al., 2004] -- [View TAIR record]

CUL4 -- [Pazhouhandeh et al., 2011] -- [View TAIR record]

EMF2, CYR1 -- [Chanvivattana et al., 2004] -- [View TAIR record]

CLF, SDG1 interaction network

Downstream and upstream flowering-related genes

Physical interactions with other flowering-related proteins