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TAIR: AT4G28190


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Carles C C et al., 2004, Genetics
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Flower development
Mains targets of ABC(E)genes

Protein function

Encodes a transription factor involved in the negative regulation of WUSCHEL expression.


Single mutant:
ult1 single mutant is slightly late flowering under SD conditions only. [Pu et al., 2013]

ult1 single mutant produces flowers that contain more floral organs and whorls than wild-type plants. ULT1 overexpressor has pleiotropic defects, including short stature, increased branch outgrowth, and prematurely terminating inflorescence meristems. [Fletcher et al., 2001][Carles et al., 2004]

Multiple mutant:
ult1;ult2 double mutant produces inflorescences bearing more flowers than either single mutants. [Monfared et al., 2013]

Overexpression of ULT1 leads to early flowering. ( No available data about growth conditions.) [Carles et al., 2009]

Putative transcription factor that acts as a key negative regulator of cell accumulation in shoot and floral meristems. Negatively regulates the size of the WUSCHEL (WUS)-expressing organizing center in inflorescence meristems. May act by down-regulating expression of WUS. [Data from UniProt]

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AG -- [Engelhorn et al., 2014][Saleh et al., 2007][Carles et al., 2009][Prunet et al., 2008][Carles et al., 2005] -- [View TAIR record]

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