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TAIR: AT5G57380


Sung S et al., 2004, Nature
Wood C C et al., 2006, Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A.
Kim D et al., 2010, Plant Physiol.
Jean Finnegan E et al., 2011, Plant J.
Kim D et al., 2013, Plant Cell

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FLC regulation through protein complexes
FLC regulation during a cold period

Protein function

Encodes a component of the plant homeodomain-polycomb repressive complex 2 (PHD-PRC2).


VIN3 is constitutively repressed in the absence of cold and is the first gene to be expressed in response to vernalization. VIN3 expression is proportional to the duration of the cold period. [Jean Finnegan et al., 2011][Kim et al., 2010]

VIN3 overexpressor does not display any flowering-time phenotype. [Lee et al., 2015][Sung et al., 2004]

Single mutant:
vin3 single mutant does not display any flowering-time phenotype under SD or LD conditions, but vin3 mutation suppresses the Col FRI responsiveness to vernalization. [Sung et al., 2006][Sung et al., 2004]

Plays a central role in vernalization by mediating the initial transcriptional repression of the homeotic gene FLC, a floral repressor, after a cold treatment. However, due to its transient expression, it can not maintain repression of FLC, which is then maintained by Polycomb Group complexes containing VRN2 throughout development. Required to deacetylate histones on the FLC promoter. Together with VIL1, required during vernalization for the modifications of FLC and FLM chromatin that are associated with an epigenetically silenced state (e.g. chromatin modifications, histone deacetylation, and trimethylated H3 Lys-4 H3K4me3 and Lys-27 H3K27me3) and with acquisition of competence to flower. [Data from UniProt]

Regulators, targets and interactors

Downstream actors

AGL19 -- [Schönrock et al., 2006] -- [View TAIR record]

Upstream actors

SDG7, ASSH3 -- [Lee et al., 2015] -- [View TAIR record]

Protein-protein interactions

VIL1, VRN5 -- [De Lucia et al., 2008][Sung et al., 2006] -- [View TAIR record]

VRN2 -- [Wood et al., 2006] -- [View TAIR record]

VIN3 interaction network

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