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TAIR: AT5G58230


Hennig L et al., 2003, Development
Bouveret R et al., 2006, Development
Derkacheva M et al., 2013, EMBO J.
Steinbach Y et al., 2014, Front Plant Sci

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Photoperiod pathway
Time-course regulation of photoperiodic pathway
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FLC regulation through protein complexes
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Protein function

Encodes a WD-40 repeat containing protein involved in chromatin assembly.


MSI1 overexpressor is early flowering under LD conditions. ( No data available under SD conditions.) [Bouveret et al., 2006]

Single mutant:
msi1 single mutant is lethal but partially complemented mutant is late flowering under both SD and LD conditions. [Bouveret et al., 2006][Steinbach et al., 2014]

MSI1 is a subunit of the PRC2 complex, which is involved in the negative regulation of FLC expression. MSI1 also seems to regulate chromatin modifications [H3K4 dimethylation and H3K9 acetylation] at the SOC1 locus. [Bouveret et al., 2006]

Core histone-binding subunit that may target chromatin assembly factors, chromatin remodeling factors and histone deacetylases to their histone substrates in a manner that is regulated by nucleosomal DNA. Component of several complexes which regulate chromatin metabolism. These include the chromatin assembly factor 1 (CAF-1) complex, which is required for chromatin assembly following DNA replication and DNA repair, and the fertilization independent seed (FIS) complex, a polycomb group protein complex which is required to maintain the transcriptionally repressive state of homeotic genes throughout development. Required for several aspects of plant development including normal leaf expansion, correct development of flowers, normal endosperm development, repression of parthenogenetic seed development and repression of floral homeotic genes in leaf tissue. Also required for the recruitment of chromosomal DNA into heterochromatic chromocenters. Also involved in regulation of imprinted genes. Acts together with RBR1 to repress the expression of MET1 during female gametogenesis. This in turn activates expression of the imprinted genes FIS2 and FWA. [Data from UniProt]

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Downstream actors

CO -- [Steinbach et al., 2014] -- [View TAIR record]

AGL19 -- [Schönrock et al., 2006] -- [View TAIR record]

AG -- [Goodrich et al., 1997][Kinoshita et al., 2001][Chen et al., 1997][Hennig et al., 2003] -- [View TAIR record]

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VIL1, VRN5 -- [De Lucia et al., 2008] -- [View TAIR record]

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